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Van’s Homecoming 2006

This year’s Vans Homecoming was well attended. I flew down to Aurora OR on Saturday to meet up with friends and browse the new planes. Things that stood out this year is that there were quite a few RV9A’s in attendance and the RV10’s are starting to roll in. WOW the 10’s that are being

Orcas Island

This year I had the chance to go to the Orcas Island EAA flyin. What a great time we had. This was the first time that my wife Debbie had a chance to go airplane camping in the RV since it was finished 3 years ago. This was going to be an adventure that’s for

TruTrak ADI

Well here is the latest upgrade to the plane. I replaced the basic turn coordinator I had in the panel with a new ADI from TruTrak. It is a solid state (no moving gyro) AH. It shows pitch, roll, and gps direction and comes with a backlight. So far I have about 10 hours of

There and back again – Oshkosh 2005

After days of clouds and weather in the northwest, just 12 hours since we dodged our way to Portland and back, the morning dawned calm with a large clearing over the Auburn / Kent area. With the plane loaded to the max, 2 daring aviators were ready for a 6 am liftoff. The forecast was