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Oil Pressure Variations

Over the last few months the engine has developed this neat new feature. It really get’s your attention on takeoff. At random times the oil pressure will drop to about half reading, sound an alarm on the engine monitor, then return to normal with no changes by the pilot. It will bounce around up and

Winter Projects

With winter here in full swing now it’s time to get started on the projects. This will of course result in perfect good weather being bestowed as soon as the first screws come out of the cowl! Projects planned include: New Panel blank & instrument layout Removal of second alternator / battery / wiring Rewire

Kitfox Factory Flyin

With about 20 hours on the plane since I got it, (it has over 100 now) it was time for the first big trip. John & Debra were having a homecoming flyin at the Kitfox Factory in Idaho so Drew and I decided to go see what it was all about. We left Friday afternoon

First Annual Condition Inspection

Well, I finished up my first annual condition inspection on the new plane. For this first one I decided to enlist the help of Aircore Aviation in Arlington WA. Jim Scott is a friend of mine and knows so much about the Rotax 912 and planes in general that it was great to get his

Open Doors

Open door flying? You bet! Works great!