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Last day of Spring

It was a great evening today for a quick flight. The next weather system is fast on it’s way in as there were 28kt winds at Shelton to the west of Auburn.

Nice flying

Today the weather cleared for the first time in 3-4 weeks. The sun was out, the sky was clear and the winds so calm you could see perfect reflections in Puget Sound. Emily and I flew from Auburn to the Olympics over Hood Canal, then south west to Ocean Shores. Heading back inland to Hoquim

Land of Enchantment

This was my first trip to the Land of Enchantment flyin at Santa Teresa NM! I flew the trip with Jim Triggs in his new RV7. We also traveled with Earl & Linda Lee Gruer and their new RV9A. What a great trip we had flying 2950 NM over the 7 day trip. Here’s the

Reno 2006 Air Races

This year my son Drew and I flew with a group from our local EAA chapter to the Reno Air Races. We had a great time flying with the group of 2 Cessna 182’s and a Mooney. With a nice cold front passing through just before we left it made for some nice weather avoidance