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Emily visits the Beach

There’s just something fun about landing on the beach and playing in the sand when you’re a kid! Coaplis WA is a unique place where the runway is on the beach and you can simply land and jump out of your plane onto the sand.

Landing on the Beach!

Who would have thought that Washington has an official state run airport located on a stretch of the washington beach? The place is called Copalis Airport and is located about 10 miles north of Ocean Shores. You simply overfly the beach, look for people and animals, then swing around and land on the beach. Pretty

Kitfox Factory Flyin

With about 20 hours on the plane since I got it, (it has over 100 now) it was time for the first big trip. John & Debra were having a homecoming flyin at the Kitfox Factory in Idaho so Drew and I decided to go see what it was all about. We left Friday afternoon

Open Doors

Open door flying? You bet! Works great!

Panel Upgrade

Time to install some new avionics. First up is to mount my Garmin 495 GPS into an Airgizmo Panel Dock. Nothing like taking a saber saw out and using it on your aircraft panel. Next up was to replace the ValCom with a new Icom A210 com radio. I also installed some dedicated headset plugs