Onex construction

I’ve started helping a friend of mine build his Onex. If you have not heard of it, it’s a new single place aerobatic plane from the makers of the Sonex line of planes. It’s a very neat design with folding wings. It’s fully aerobatic and runs a Volkswagen engine of about 80HP.

Strut finishing

One of the projects that never got done originally was to finish the air-foiled strut coverings. They are made from ABS plastic and snap over the steel struts. Then they need to be finished to look good. This process is a bit involved. First up removing the struts from the wings, building wing stands to hold the

Electric trim installation

One of the big problems with the Kitfox Series 7 was the fact that this was the only year that the elevator had dual servo tabs installed. The benefit was greatly reduced elevator stick forces, the down side was a lack of elevator authority at slow speed and stall. There just wasn’t enough up elevator

Quick trip to the factory in Idaho

I needed some parts for this winter’s upcoming upgrade project. New wing tips and electric trim are the primary project. The trip was an over and back trip from Auburn to Homedale. Flew non stop each way in about 4 hours. Made for a long day of flying, but the weather was spectacular! John and

Rotax Soft Start Module

This last weekend I installed the Soft Start module for my Rotax 912S. Thought I would give a quick report and a couple of pictures. The main module install was fairly easy as it’s a plug and play setup with matching connectors for your ignition module and a single wire you hookup to the starter