Nose Gear Upgrade Part 1

Well, the first thing to do is get the plane jacked off the ground. The easiest way I have found is to weight down the tail and jack it down with a tie-down strap.

I used a wood brace to work as a backup since the nose gear leg would be out for at least a week (or so I thought). Turns out the parts were backordered so It was actually strung up for a month or so.

Here’s before and after of the nose gear leg. I had it shortened and re-threaded by Langair down in Portland to make sure it’s done right. It was painless, just cost $75 to get done. I had it easy as Earl, one of my local flying buddies, decided to drive down and get his done so I just sent mine along for the ride.

A bit of poking and prodding was required to get the bolt out that holds the gear leg in place. I had made the hole in the firewall initially, so it was simply a matter of getting out the plug and proseal. Then reversing the process to re-install.

Finally when it’s all done, there is no external visible difference… You just pay some money to take some metal off the plane! Typical for aviation projects I guess.

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