Sears Protection Agreement Department Phone Number

Please, we don`t want to have a new device. We love the ones we have, but we need them to function and if we don`t, we will replace them according to our agreement. Tired of deception!!! == We have documentation pages of all calls, names, dates, times, dates. Ask your equipment repair technician how to save with a home warranty – a unique protection plan that covers multiple appliances and systems in your home, regardless of your age, brand, or where they were purchased.* 3. Now we had to leave without a microwave/oven for over 2 months. I spent more than 6 hours on the phone, I was told that they were asking an egg question to look for the part (computer card). 3 times said that “you” had 72 hours to find a part, then if “they” did not have 24 hours to authorize the replacement. YES, I HAVE A CASE #. What further complicates matters is that many Sears stores are closing and many Sears brands have been sold to other companies, creating confusion among consumers. Nevertheless, there are reports of customers satisfied with the telephone customer service they receive. The whole process couldn`t have been easier.

Schedule online, receive updates and confirmations via SMS and a call 15 minutes before arrival – WOW. Not to mention that the repair was impeccable and fast. Thank you for making this repair so easy! We`ve had our protection plan for years with Sears. We pay X amount per month for the contract to repair or replace devices that are covered if they cannot repair them. If they need to repair three times a year, let them replace it. We were happy with Techs and this service contract until Sears sold this service that we understand to Assurant, now it`s terrible!!!! NOW VIA OUR ADVANTIUM OVEN. It`s not just a cheap little microwave. It is equipped with a convection oven, microwave, grind, fast cooker, etc., and offers light and ventilation fan for the area. We have high quality wooden cabinets, well maintained for cabinets that are definitely affected by the lack of steam ventilation and we need light for cooking! I understand that Sears/Assurant don`t want to replace advantium, as it`s a $1500 replacement by taxes and installation, but we paid our monthly amount for over 12 years to have that protection, peace of mind (we thought). I bought a microwave from Sears Online in April 2020. According to the installer, the device was only available in August 2020. The first microwave was installed on August 11 and stopped working before August 24.

I have an email that tells me I would have a replacement. I`ve spoken to at least 10 people, including the installer, in recent weeks. I am transferred to departments that tell me that they do not take care of it. Apparently, while the delivery had to be arranged, this department called the wrong number for many days in a row and the case was closed because 30 days had been exceeded. Even in September, I spoke to the installer and he told me at least twice that he was going to inquire with the camp. I have not received any feedback. To resolve this issue, Sears must reopen the case and install the replacement microwave. I reported my issue via private message, as requested by Sears, but didn`t receive a response….