Cnusd Collective Bargaining Agreement

Pending the agreement to join the CSEA, the Education Committee will review the agreement for final approval. The school board unanimously approved the deal after more than 92 percent of TALB`s K-12 members voted to ratify the agreement, with 1,597 of those members voting “yes,” while 134 voted no. Nearly 90 percent of members of the Child Development Center and TALB`s head launch unit approved the deal by 86 votes to 10. The negotiating teams will meet again on Tuesday, April 28. In the meantime, the classified staff bargaining team has also reached an interim health care agreement corresponding to TALB`s. Negotiations on the remuneration of classified staff will continue in the coming days. Compensation: CSEA`s most recent proposal to offer unit members a danger allowance of $3.50 per hour was shared with the school district on September 1, 2020. The school district has reached a preliminary agreement to ensure safe conditions and a process to deal with uncertain conditions if they occur. In 120 days, the proposed danger payment could cost the school district nearly $9 million. Given the threat of budget cuts from the state and the continued decline in enrolment in subsequent school years, LBUSD makes budget decisions to mitigate future reductions as much as possible. If you are now tax smart, this will help reduce the number of positions involved. The school district has also begun negotiations with the California School Employees Association.