Terms Of Business Agreement Toba

For those who wish to pay in increments, we usually only introduce premium Credit Limited customers. We may offer options to pay in installments with other financial service providers. We advise you if competitive credit conditions are available through your insurer. Otherwise, you have the option to get your own credit contract. We are also a credit broker because we will introduce those who want to pay in increments to companies that can borrow money under a regulated credit contract. When RUL enters into transactions with the intermediary electronically (whether it is the Internet, electronic data exchange, e-mail, imarket, intranet or other), the intermediary undertakes to strictly respect the terms of this agreement, all applicable conditions communicated to it by RUL from time to time, the terms of any contract between the intermediary and any party providing facilities for this e-commerce , and comply with all insurance parameters. , functional controls and restrictions within the electronic system concerned. 7.2 The intermediary may not, under any circumstances, change the terms, premiums or benefits of a product offered by RUL, change the terms, premiums or benefits of a product, or provide an insurance policyholder with policy documents, unless such documentation has been approved in advance by RUL. 8.3 Information is essential when it influences the judgment of a prudent insurer, when it decides to accept the risk with an appropriate premium or to impose relevant conditions or guarantees. Trade body says the new Toba will increase productivity and reduce business costs. A copy of the Treuhand-Dedr.

is available on request or can be accessed with us during regular business hours. If you object to your money being held in a non-statutory account, you should let us know immediately. Otherwise, your consent to the payment of the premium and your acceptance of these conditions constitute your informed consent for us to hold your money in a non-statutory trust account. Interest held on funds in a non-statutory account is withheld by us. For some transactions, the customer`s money can be transferred through other authorized intermediaries before being paid to the insurer. 8.1 The intermediary retains its full effect at all times and respects the conditions of an appropriate professional compensation policy, which is likely to cover the intermediary`s liability for its dealings with RUL and the compensation limits prescribed by the intermediary`s regulator.