Splunk Support Agreement

Do you need help? Send a request and the Splunk On-Call support team will contact you shortly. The following support tables do not apply to Splunk On-Call support offers. 15.24 “Splunk-Software” refers to a specific and unique instance of the Splunk software product that is made available to the customer as a service or part of it and contains all new versions or updates of maintenance and support for software, usually marketed by Splunk during the duration of the subscription. Splunk Software does not contain Splunk applications. 15.28 “Third-party content” refers to information, data, technologies or materials made available to the Customer by third parties, which the Customer conceded and added to a service or ordered Splunk to install in conjunction with a service. third-party content, but is not limited to web or offline software applications, data services or content provided by third parties that collaborate with Splunk software or a service. B for example, a software application developed by the Or for the client or a third-party software application that is available via www.splunkbase.com (whether they are classified as “Developer Support” or “Unsured”). Splunk`s previous agreements are available here: software licensing agreements, Splunk Cloud terms of use, SignalFx service contract and VictorOps terms of use. Service-Authorization Support for a Universal Forwarder auxiliary version on a version of the operating system after the end of consumer support expires earlier: 1.1 Service Subscriptions; Assistance Service level. Subject to the customer`s compliance with this contract, Splunk provides the customer with the corresponding services for the duration of the subscription. Splunk provides the customer with support for the corresponding services during the subscription period, at no additional cost.

During the subscription, Splunk`s Https://www.splunk.com/en_us/legal/splunk-cloud-service-level-schedule.html Schedule Level Service will apply to the availability and operating time of the service, subject to scheduled downtime and unanticipated emergency maintenance, in accordance with the splunk maintenance guidelines, which are indicated in the Splunk Level Level Schedule. The customer is entitled to service credits for downtime according to the current level of service Schedule. 2.6 Splunk applications. Splunk apps can be installed in the service in accordance with Splunk`s instructions. Some Splunk applications are supported by Splunk, while others are not supported. For more information on supporting Splunk apps, see docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunkbase/splunkbase/Splunkbase/Appsupporttypes. For Splunk applications that are labeled “Unsealed” on Splunkbase, Service Level Commitment and Service Level Credit do not apply to the Splunk Service Level Schedule. The customer accepts that Splunk is not responsible for the impact of the installation and/or use of these Splunk applications by the customer on the customer experience with the service and that the customer`s only recourse is to remove the “unsupported” application from the Splunk environment. 14.8 Full agreement. This agreement, which www.splunk.com/en_us/legal/privacy/privacy-policy.html Splunk`s privacy policy, the Splunk Acceptable Use Policy to www.splunk.com/view/SP-CAAAMB6, splunk`s standard support terms to www.splunk.com/en_us/support-and-services/support-programs.html, The Splunk Service Level Schedule at splunk.com/goto/splunkcloud_sls, the documentation and order and the terms and documents mentioned constitute the entire agreement between the customer and Splunk and replaces all previous agreements between the customer and Splunk with respect to Splunk services, Splunk software and/or Splunk content (including, but not limited to previous versions of the contract) or pre-printed terms for a customer.