Rural And Northern Physician Group Agreement

2 The agreement may also include obstetric delivery services, minor surgical surgical services in surgery and anesthesia services, if doctors and the Minister agree that these specialized services will be included in the agreement. The agreement applies to the municipality and the environment in accordance with documents provided by the community in the Service Area Designation (UAP) process. This includes all the work of the reserve clinic. SERVICES SERVICE AVAILABLE Group physicians are committed to providing non-urgent clinical services during regular business hours of at least 40 hours per week (without statutory holidays). Emergency services must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the support of the telephone health advice service. In a municipality that has a hospital with a 24-hour emergency department, the group will reach an agreement with the hospital for the provision of emergency services. In a municipality that does not have a hospital with a 24-hour emergency room, the group agrees on adequate child care. REMUNERATION The RNPGA provides an overall payment to the Group, which is defined as: 1. For each RNPGA physician, day work is paid as follows: (initially updated by 7.124% by 2008) Community Group Designation Group Two Group One Additional Physician Notes 197,000 For these municipalities, Additional funds are provided for overheads two Physicians $186,000 An additional $10,000 us income for hospital or nursing home services three physicians $211,500 for these overhead municipalities of four physicians $211,500 of this compensation. An additional income of $5,000 applies for five to seven minor surgical benefits (z.B.

Sigmoidoscopy) Doctors US$5,000 for anesthesia and US$2,500 for surgical assistance locum coverage up to 37 days/year, or who can be in the bank for up to 5 days a year – up to a maximum of 25 bank days. The Minister of Health and Long-Term Care will adapt to bank days when used for OMA-approved medical training.