Center Of Excellence Agreement

For the largest companies, your customer success manager is also your ambassador for the suite of the most comprehensive products and services we offer: the Enterprise program. This program, available through a Special Enterprise Agreement (EA), allows your head office and distributed institutions to: Read our white paper “How to build a digital contracting center of excellent”. Businesses often continue with redundant processes and rudimentary systems that hinder their growth and process. The same is true for legal teams, which rely heavily on manual processes, which often need to solve a problem when it arises instead of finding a sophisticated solution. This culture is a barrier for legal teams and companies to reach their maximum potential and achieve excellence in their work. The culture of a Centre of Excellence (COE) mentality can steer organizations in the right direction. This can lead the legal department to stay afloat and reach the top each time. One of the main tasks of legal teams is to manage contracts and ensure that they are fully compliant and effective. The use of models and statistical data from these contracts can also provide an important insight into the company`s activity for better decision-making. Extracting informative data from contracts, ensuring complete compliance and managing it effectively is a daunting task. But a sophisticated digital contract management solution can not only help effectively execute contracts, but also develop flawless processes and workflows to achieve excellence. But what is a centre of excellence in contract management? The above points explain why the culture of a centre of excellence can bring legal services from medium to exceptional. With sophisticated systems, integrated processes and measurable KPIs, backed by advanced technology (CLM), it`s a surefire way to ensure continuous progress and continuous excellence at every step.

The smart contract management solution is controlled by key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics and bridges the gap between operation and strategy. Intelligent analytics and configurable benchmarks and metrics ensure the performance of the contract and, in return, the performance of the legal department is measurable. This ensures continuous performance improvement to achieve pre-decided PPCs. A system based on measurable indicators and measures allows for better results, a more process-oriented way of thinking and the path to excellence. A few years ago, we started to notice a trend among our newly informed customers.