Agreement With Yourself

As the book explains, our best personal performance will fluctuate day by day, but as long as we make efforts and try to do what we can to create opportunities and improve our situation. Take it yourself and do your best! “Find the courage to ask questions and express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as possible to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With this agreement, you can completely change your life.¬†Miguel Ruiz`s people will frustrate you, hurt you, and even irritate you. It will be easy to hate or judge these people. But try to think about why this person behaves like this. Remember that “injured people hurt people.” Think about what their childhood may have been, what they can live, what they are afraid of. If you are angry or if you blame someone, it is easy to dehument the person. But the purpose of your frustration also has a story and a story. Ask yourself why the person affects you so much, because there is probably something you can learn from this difficult interaction.

Here are seven agreements they have to conclude themselves – a way to succeed. It makes you addicted to being a slave to your phone. Start with small changes. When someone is talking to you, stop typing, look away from your screen to the person in front of you and pay attention to all the attention. If you have a meal with someone, leave your phone off the table so you won`t be tempted to keep checking it out. Don`t get me wrong, it doesn`t just happen in companies. That`s what`s happening in government, headteachers, professional sports teams and the whole job market that you can imagine. A very small percentage of people approach each new day with an all-or-nothing way of thinking. How often do you personally record other people`s comments and actions? It is easy to believe that we have something to do with their motivations, but let`s be honest; We are all more focused on ourselves than others. (d) Have a good conversation every day. I worked alone (#26), so I signed up to work this year in a co-working space for Q1 to see if it helps. But in general, a sensible conversation in which you can do wonders for the stress levels of your thoughts, feelings and something about yourself, others and the world.

Feeling, being listened to and loved is a fundamental human need. (Cue – Trigger Conversations Plug….!) Do you know the power of your word? Most people keep appreciating the power they have in their word.