Above Rate Service Agreement Tax

If you or others do not act in the event of a breach of your obligations under this user agreement, we will not waive our right to act in the event of a subsequent or similar infringement. To obtain assets in a currency for which your account is not currently configured, it may be necessary to create a balance in your account PayPal in that currency or convert the balance into another currency. Some currencies can only be received by converting the balance into another currency that PayPal you can hold. When the balance is converted, the transaction exchange rate is used by PayPal (including our currency conversion tax). If the activity through an account type PayPal you own reaches certain thresholds or encompasses certain business or business segments, you must accept a business enterprise agreement with the card networks so that you can continue to accept Visa and MasterCard payments. In this case, these business entity agreements apply to all payments made by PayPal on your behalf and are part of this usage agreement. (d) The client may request the replacement of the company`s professional services staff. If such an application is made in writing to justify the application, the entity will not withdraw its consent unduly. The client bears the cost of replacing that staff, unless the client can prove that the reason for the request is an act of misconduct, incompetence or negligence of the employee concerned. Services PayPal are provided “as intended” and without any insurance or guarantee, explicit, implicit or legal. PayPal expressly opposes any tacit guarantee of ownership, market accessibility, suitability for a specific purpose and non-violation.

(ii) micropayments for royalties on digital goods. If you apply for micropayments for digital products and are eligible, for each transaction involving only digital products, you report paying (i) the commercial payment fees described in Section 2, or (ii) Micropayments for Digital Goods Fees, based on the price to be paid for the transaction. You should read and understand the PayPal buyer protection program, and if you sell and receive goods and services to buyers who have PayPal accounts in countries or regions other than your own, you should also be aware of the PayPal buyer`s protection available to buyers in each of these countries/regions. The rights of buyers under these programs may affect you as a seller. You will find this information about the PayPal programs on the Legal Agreements page by choosing your buyer`s location at the top of the page and referring to the user agreement corresponding to that geography. Bhutan, Cambodia, Federated States of Micronesia, Hong Kong SAR China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tonga, Vietnam GenScript USA Inc. and its subsidiaries and associated companies (individually and collectively GenScript “) provide personalized or contractual research services in the life sciences industry.