Fixing the alternate air door

airdoor1In doing my annual this year I found that the carb air door hinge was starting to fail. Wear from vibration over the years had eaten away at the hinge eyelets to the point where in the next year it was clear it might fail. So time for a quick order to Vans for a section of new hinge. In spite of the fact that this hinge is the extruded (stronger) type, the brass pin in the center of the hinge proved to be a good cutter with some vibration added to the mix.

For the repair, I drilled a hole on each side of the hinge, so now I can simply push out the center pin when I need to remove the door for service. Then drill out the hinge rivets, match drill up a new section of hinge and re-install the pin and we’re good to go. I just capped the new holes with a dab of RTV to keep the pin in place if it decides to walk over time.


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