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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Back in the air with Kitfox V3

This is version three of my Kitfox 7. I shortened the wing tips using the “standard” tips, installed electric elevator trim and put 600×6 tires and wheel pants on. All of this gained another 6mph in speed so now I’m seeing 130mph TAS at 1500 ft.   

Onex construction

I’ve started helping a friend of mine build his Onex. If you have not heard of it, it’s a new single place aerobatic plane from the makers of the Sonex line of planes. It’s a very neat design with folding wings. It’s fully aerobatic and runs a Volkswagen engine of about 80HP.

Strut finishing

One of the projects that never got done originally was to finish the air-foiled strut coverings. They are made from ABS plastic and snap over the steel struts. Then they need to be finished to look good. This process is a bit involved. First up removing the struts from the wings, building wing stands to hold the […]