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October 30, 2011

Electric trim installation

Filed under: Kitfox,Maintenance — Andy @ 11:00 am

One of the big problems with the Kitfox Series 7 was the fact that this was the only year that the elevator had dual servo tabs installed. The benefit was greatly reduced elevator stick forces, the down side was a lack of elevator authority at slow speed and stall. There just wasn’t enough up elevator to get the job done with those tabs tipped down every time you pull back on the stick. Lucky for me all of the proper attach points for the electric stab trim were already installed in the fuselage, just unused. Kitfox Aircraft had a nice upgrade kit with all the parts needed. It included the trim motor (a kind of jack screw that attached to the stab leading edge) and all the wires, switches, bolts and nuts needed to install the system.

The only thing that had to be free fabricated was to fill in the old trim tab location on the elevators. I ended up using some aluminum tube (from aircraft spruce) and hysol along with some plywood to reinforce the opening and fill in the space. Then I just covered over it with some polyfiber fabric and painted it up to match.

Of course after finishing up the fabric work, I needed to build a paint booth to spray the layers of the polyfiber process. I used some heavy construction plastic and built a booth that I could paint the parts in, along with other parts of the plane that I also needed to paint.

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