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Monthly Archives: August 2009

First Annual Condition Inspection

Well, I finished up my first annual condition inspection on the new plane. For this first one I decided to enlist the help of Aircore Aviation in Arlington WA. Jim Scott is a friend of mine and knows so much about the Rotax 912 and planes in general that it was great to get his […]

Open Doors

Open door flying? You bet! Works great!

Panel Upgrade

Time to install some new avionics. First up is to mount my Garmin 495 GPS into an Airgizmo Panel Dock. Nothing like taking a saber saw out and using it on your aircraft panel. Next up was to replace the ValCom with a new Icom A210 com radio. I also installed some dedicated headset plugs […]

How could I?

HOW COULD I? After spending 18 months building and 6 years flying across most of America I sold my RV9A… I’ll stop a minute and let that sink in… So parting with the RV was hard I’ll admit it. What was the most difficult was making the decision. It made me physically sick for a […]

Kitfox 7

Welcome home new little plane.