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May 30, 2006

TruTrak ADI

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Well here is the latest upgrade to the plane. I replaced the basic turn coordinator I had in the panel with a new ADI from TruTrak. It is a solid state (no moving gyro) AH. TruTrak ADIIt shows pitch, roll, and gps direction and comes with a backlight. So far I have about 10 hours of flying on it and it works great. Keeping the right side up is easy using it. I played around a bit with it trying to tumble it. If you roll up to 90deg and then return upright it recovers quickly. If you roll all the way around 360deg it is tumbled for about 20 seconds, during which time it indicates low and slightly turning. After about 20 seconds it rights itself properly and continues to work fine with no external input.

May 17, 2006


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I started construction of a Vans RV9A (SN 90374) in July 2001.
The first flight was February 23rd 2003!
Progress was steady for about 18 months. I used all the standard build kits from Vans Aircraft. Starting with the tail kit, then wings, next fuselage, then finally the finishing kit. FWF included a new Aerosport 0-320-D2A and Sensenich metal prop.

As the years and hours go by this plane just gets more and more fun to fly. We have taken trips all over the USA over the last 2 summers, traveling both to Oshkosh and Virginia and many points in between.

– Andy

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