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October 20, 2006

Land of Enchantment

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This was my first trip to the Land of Enchantment flyin at Santa Teresa NM! I flew the trip with Jim Triggs in his new RV7. We also traveled with Earl & Linda Lee Gruer and their new RV9A. What a great trip we had flying 2950 NM over the 7 day trip.

Here’s the video production of the flight down and back from the Seattle area to New Mexico.


October 1, 2006

Reno 2006 Air Races

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This year my son Drew and I flew with a group from our local EAA chapter to the Reno Air Races. We had a great time flying with the group of 2 Cessna 182’s and a Mooney. With a nice cold front passing through just before we left it made for some nice weather avoidance training along the route. It just figured, as we had just had 90 days of no rain in the Northwest right up to the day before we were to depart for the races. In the end we got there fine with only a few diversions between 200 ft and 14,500 ft along the way. Here are some pictures we took at the races: Click on the F15’s to see the gallery.

The video is 44 meg so be patient while it loads and make sure you have broadband!


The races were interesting this year as by the finals all of the Mustangs and Rare Bear were blown up so the final was a race of Sea Furry’s. September’s Furry won the Gold race for the unlimiteds. All in all we had a great trip. As usual most of the fun was had flying with the group down and back and the fun we had along the way. The fact we were at an airshow was just bonus.

September 3, 2006

Van’s Homecoming 2006

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This year’s Vans Homecoming was well attended. I flew down to Aurora OR on Saturday to meet up with friends and browse the new planes. Things that stood out this year is that there were quite a few RV9A’s in attendance and the RV10’s are starting to roll in. WOW the 10’s that are being finished are seriously nice! From what I could see the RV10 with leather, glass panels, autopilot, etc is quite a competition for Cirrus (if someone wants to build it).

Instead of still pictures this year I made a quick movie of the trip. Hope you enjoy it.


The video is in Quicktime Format. It looks like you need to be using Quicktime 7 or higher to view it.

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